The Susice Holocaust Torahs: The Story. The Journey. The Reunion

In preparation for our Holocaust Torah Reunion on April 22, we would like to get some input from you as members of The Jewish Center.

During the program we plan to honor the Torahs by doing what we always do with Torahs – dancing with them and reading from them. While it is not required to read from the Torah on Yom HaShoah or on a Sunday afternoon, it is always permissible to read from the Torah as a form of study.

The question for you is this: What should we read from the Torah that day? There is no pre-determined reading for Yom HaShoah nor is there any direct connection to the Shoah and the events of World War II. Rather than the rabbis deciding what we should read that day, we’d like your suggestions as to what you think we should read.

To gather your suggestions, we will have an online debate.  Join the debate, suggest your favorite passage, and respond to other comments. This online debate will be open until Thursday March 15 and then we will vote to determine the section we will read at our ceremony on April 22. (We need to allow enough time for our volunteer Torah reader to learn the winning section. Otherwise the debate could go on and on…)

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